Chicago (Architecture & Panic) + Showing a House = A Winner

To continue on my ADD rampage, today I am going to show you guys a few pictures of Chicago, where I went for Halloween weekend.

Jimmy and I went to Chicago.  Why?  Well, I'd like to claim it was for a romantic getaway, but that's a lie.  We went because Widespread Panic was playing there.  I had never actually seen Widespread before (YES, ok, I did go to UGA.... I'm just lame I guess), so we went up for the Halloween show.

What did I think?  It was really great.  I enjoyed the music quite a bit.  It reminded me of Allman Brothers (I can actually hear you groaning), which is a good thing in my book.

One of the reasons I liked the show so much was because we got to dress up.... awesome.  I've never been to any Halloween shows, so I was psyched for this aspect.  I was just going to be a regular indian until Jimmy told me about this Widespread song called Blue Indian.  No brainer (thanks to Adam for the sweet costume ideas).

Jimmy was the Gingerbread man.  I was hesitant about that at first, but once I saw how much everyone loved it it was really funny.

Another reason I liked the show so much was because it was in the Chicago Theater.  It was such a cool place.  It reminded me a lot of the Fox Theater.  See the window behind us in the first picture?  You could see the stage through it.

I took this photo from the upper balcony looking down to the lobby.  That chandelier was amazing.  The whole place had such a cool feel.

I stole this photo off the internet, but I wanted you to see what it looked like.

Im sure you recognize the sign from the play/movie.  Great night.  Great band.  I will for sure see them again.

We got to stay at the Ritz Carlton there.  It was an amazing hotel with truly exceptional service...  they delivered me a cappuccino in the business center and knew us when we got out of the cab.  I was extremely impressed.  The Ritz Carlton Chicago is managed by Four Seasons - so it is actually a Four Seasons Hotel rather than a Ritz.  Jimmy works for the Four Seasons, so we get to stay there for free.  Yes, I am really enjoying that girlfriend perk.

The VERY helpful concierge told us about this cool wine bar in the basement of the Seneca Hotel across the street.  Jimmy and I went over after we got in on Friday and had a glass of wine. I could not recommend it more highly.  It is in the basement of Francesca's.  I loved the feel in there, especially the exposed brick groin vaulted ceilings.

We also went to Garrett popcorn shops.  Go there.  You will not regret it.  I dont even really like popcorn, and we had to stand in a small line.  SO WORTH IT!  Go!

Sunday we went to RL, which is Ralph Lauren's only restaurant.  Jimmy and I both agree it was the highlight of the trip.  The food was fantastic and the people were beautiful.  No kidding, every person in there looked like a model.  There was black and white photograph everywhere, and the interiors were spectacular.

See?  Thank you so much to Linda Williams for recommending!

And finally... it's not like I could leave Chicago without the architecture boat tour down the river.  Yes we were sitting in freezing rain cupping hot chocolate, so no I did not get out my notepad and take down the names of all of these buildings...  you should be happy that I got any pictures at all!  I thought I was going to lose my fingers to the frostbite.  If you know what these buildings are I would love you to leave a comment at the bottom ant tell me so I can fill them in.  I know I could spend hours researching that, but it's Friday afternoon and I'm running out of time, so help a girl out, will ya?

These corn cob looking buildings are my favorite ones in Chicago.... I know most people hate them, but I don't.  So there.

Here is a picture of them from Saturday night.

I think they are parking decks... which isn't really that cool, but whatever.

It was a really great trip.  Chicago is my favorite city other than Atlanta, so I was happy as a little clam there.  Did you know they have a TopShop there?  They do, and it's amazing.  I'll be back soon.  For sure.

NEXT TOPIC: Showing a house.

Linda Williams, who recommended RL to us, is absolutely phenomenal at showing houses. She recently made a video of her showing 515 West Paces Ferry Road, a listing she shares with Glennis Beacham.  The house is stunning, and Linda does a great job showing it.  Do yourself a favor and watch the video.  You'll love it!

Doesn't she do a great job?  I'm really proud of her and this video!


It's time to choose a winner in the Melissa Payne Baker painting giveaway!

Ok, I am going to find a random number generator...

Congratulations Emily!  You won the Itty Bitty!  I will be in touch to sort out the details with you.

See you guys Monday!  Have a great weekend :)